Boost Monkey SAP Delete Plate E36 E46

Boost Monkey SAP Delete Plate E36 E46

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If you decide to delete your secondary air injection system. This SAP delete plate is designed to block off the port on your cylinder head where your secondary air injection system connects leaving a clean, leak free installation. Works with existing studs!

***An ECU tune is required when used with the factory ECU to prevent a check engine light when the Secondary Air Injection System is removed***


Alteration of your vehicles Emissions system may be against the law in your state! This is designed and intended for off highway racing use only!

Fits the Following Engines
BMW S54 (Directly to Head)
BMW M54 (Directly to Head)
BMW M52TU (Directly to Head)
BMW Euro S50B30 (Directly to Head)
BMW Euro S50B32 (Directly to Head)
BMW M52, S52 (Bolts in place of valve on air injection tube)

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