BorgWarner 12707100032 EFR Cartridge 7670 w. Iron Bearing Housing

BorgWarner 12707100032 EFR Cartridge 7670 w. Iron Bearing Housing

Brand: BorgWarner
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Original BorgWarner EFR Cast Iron Cartridge

Only CHRA without Turbine and Compressor Housing

Notice: This is the cast iron bearing housing version!

Original BorgWarner EFR Cartridges are a low-cost way to rebuild an EFR Turbo. In the past you always have to buy a new Super Core, which included a new compressor housing. But normaly only the bearings or a turbine / compressor wheel is damaged. Now we offer you as official BorgWarner Performance Distributor exclusive EFR cartridges (CHRA).

Notice: When ordering only an EFR CHRA, be sure to check if your compressor and turbine housing has no damages, like scratches or cracks inside. Only when your compressor and turbine housing is in good condition, then a new cartridge make sense. Otherwise you need a Super Core or a complete new turbo! The mounting kits for the turbine and compressor housing, the EFR CRV, solenoid, vacuum hoses, actuators, as well as the exhaust gas and compressor housing itself is always required. If the turbine housing has a wastegate flap, you also need an internal wastegate actuator and a suitable holding plate.

Horsepower range: 375 - 600PS
Compressor wheel Inducer: 57,2mm, Exducer: 76,2mm
Turbine wheel Exducer: 70mm
Compressor housing : None
Turbine housing : None

BorgWarner EFR Turbocharger
 was developed and built with only one goal in mind: To dominate on the road, race track and the 1/4 mile. BorgWarner EFR turbocharger features the latest high-tech features, unbeatable performance and top quality.
EFR turbos are available in 8 different sizes and 7 different turbine housings, the power ranges from 250-1000HP.
The combination of high-efficiency compressor wheel, gamma titanium aluminideturbine wheel combined with ceramic ball bearing technology sets the benchmark for racing turbochargers to the top and represents the highest level in racing sport turbocharging technology: