5" Stepped Intercooler FMIC for BMW N54 335i

5" Stepped Intercooler FMIC for BMW N54 335i

Brand: Boost Monkey
Product Code: 335-FMIC
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A larger FMIC Is one of the first and best mods for the N54 335i / 135I Platform. The Boost Monkey N54 5" Stepped inctercooler not only add gains of up to 25 WHP & 25 WRTQ, but also significantly lowers IAT's, 

Our 5" stepped intercooler core maximizes cooling effeciancy. It's almost 100% bigger than the stock intercooler, yet still fits perfectly behind your bumper with out needing too modify or cut your bumper or crash bar. 

The Boot Monkey 5" stepped N54 FMIC reduces heat-soak and minimizes timing corrections of and lower boost levels by keeping your IAT's down.

Our intercooler is a completely bolt on solution. It retains the OEM connections and can be installed in under 30 minutes with limited tools.

Gain up to 25whp/27wtq
Increased Cooling Efficiency
Reliable Performance
Direct Fit

2007    335i/xi Sedan/Coupe/Convt.    
2008    335i/xi Sedan/Coupe/Convt.    135i Coupe/Convt.
2009    335i/xi Sedan/Coupe/Convt.    135i Coupe/Convt.
2010    335i/xi Sedan/Coupe/Convt.    135i Coupe/Convt.
2011    335i/xi/is Sedan/Coupe/Convt.    135i Coupe/Convt./ 1M
2012    335i/xi/is Sedan/Coupe/Convt.    135i Coupe/Convt.
2013    335i/xi/is Sedan/Coupe/Convt.