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  • Snow Performance 40008 Boost Juice- Case of 4 gal
    Boost Juice™ is Snow Performance’s proprietary mix of 49% methanol and 51% water. It is made in a controlled environment with special care to make sure the ratios are accurate to result in a high performance water-methanol fluid formulated for use in the Boost Cooler™ injection system...
    Ex Tax: $38.99 $38.99
  • Snow Performance Boost Cooler Stage-1 Water Methanol Injection Systems 201
    OverviewRace gas quality fuel on pump gas! Increase your pump gas octane by 25 points and make more power efficiently with a cooler running motor! The Snow Performance Stage 1 Boost Cooler® water-methanol injection kit is available for all forced induction applications (supercharged/turboch..
    Ex Tax: $288.99 $288.99$359.99