7" Intercooler for BMW N54 & N55 135i 335i 1M


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The Boost Monkey 7” FMIC is the ultimate upgraded intercooler for the N55 and N54 equipped E90 and E92 335i,...


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The Boost Monkey 7” FMIC is the ultimate upgraded intercooler for the N55 and N54 equipped E90 and E92 335i, 335xi, and 335is on the market. A 30% increase over our 5"" stepped FMIC, these are perfect for upgraded turbos.

At the heart of the Boost Monkey 7” FMIC is the intercooler core with our all new ULTRA-Dense fin packs. With 18 fins per inch, the Boost Monkey 7” FMIC is at the top of its class for core density and cooling performance. Not surprisingly, it can cool the charged air of your 335i as efficiently as intercoolers larger than it, without the pressure loss associated with those larger intercooler upgrades.

Our N54 7” FMIC measures in at 20 x 7 x 5.75 inches, which is almost twice the size of the stock 335i intercooler and about 30% larger than our 5” FMIC. Constructed with Dense fin packs, and a drastically larger core, this FMIC offers maximum cooling efficieny.

Our 7"" Intercooler can be user with stock or aftermarket outlets!

Our &"" FMIC for the E90/E92 335i is engineered to be used with either the OEM intercooler hoses or upgraded turbo outlets. This is a great feature for those looking to upgrade in the future without having to buy a new intercooler.

Looking for more power?
our 7"" FMIC on a tuned FBO 335i, found this intercooler added over 10whp and 10wtq over our 5"" stepped FMIC upgrade and 35whp and 38wtq over the stock intercooler with dramatic decreases in Intake Air Temps!

FITMENT: The Boost Monkey 7” FMIC does NOT require you to remove your front bumper. However, you will need to some of the plastic behind the bumper.

2007 335i/xi Sedan/Coupe/Convt.
2008 335i/xi Sedan/Coupe/Convt. 135i Coupe/Convt.
2009 335i/xi Sedan/Coupe/Convt. 135i Coupe/Convt.
2010 335i/xi Sedan/Coupe/Convt. 135i Coupe/Convt.
2011 335i/xi/is Sedan/Coupe/Convt. 135i Coupe/Convt./ 1M
2012 335is Coupe/Convt. 135i Coupe/Convt.
335is Coupe

NOTE: This intercooler WILL FIT cars equipped with Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT) Automatic transmissions.


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