DCI intake for 335i 135i 1M N54


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N54 Dual Cone Intake (DCI) allows you to easily add up to 20whp to your N54 by replacing the bulky...

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N54 Dual Cone Intake (DCI) allows you to easily add up to 20whp to your N54 by replacing the bulky OEM N54 intake with two open, high-flow dry media filters.


The OEM N54 intake utilizes only a single disposable panel filter which both turbos have to pull air from simultaneously. The Boost Monkey N54 DCI kit gives each turbocharger it's own dedicated filter and piping allowing them to draw in as much air as the turbos can demand. The Boost Monkey N54 DCI kit utilizes two pleated and inverted dry media high-flow air filters to increase the overall filter surface area, allowing more airflow to the N54’s turbochargers.

In addition, the design of the inner neck of the Boost Monkey air filters has been molded in a conical shape to further increase airflow by reducing resistance as air is being transferred from the filters to the aluminium adapters before finally entering the turbo inlets.

With less restriction, the N54’s turbos can draw in air more efficiently allowing faster turbo spool. Power gains can be seen throughout most of the rpm range, but particularly above 5k rpm where full bolt-on N54’s can see as much as 20whp.

In addition to the performance benefits, the Boost Monkey N54 Dual Cone Intake kit also opens up the sound of your turbochargers. The OEM airbox is designed to deaden the sound of the N54’s turbos, but with the Boost Monkey DCI kit you can hear the sound of the turbos spooling up as they draw in air through the massive high-flow filters.


The Boost Monkey N54 Dual Cone Intake fits either the stock N54 turbo inlets and any upgraded inlets that fit the OEM airbox.


The Boost Monkey N54 DCI Kit was designed to install in minutes with basic hand tools.

Gain up to 20whp
Improved Turbo Spool
Increased Turbo Sound
Fast and Reversible Install
Boost Monkey Dry Media Filters
Boost Monkey Aluminum Adapter Pipes
Filter Clamps


2007 335i/xi Sedan/Coupe/Convt.
2008 335i/xi Sedan/Coupe/Convt. 135i Coupe/Convt.
2009 335i/xi Sedan/Coupe/Convt. 135i Coupe/Convt.
2010 335i/xi Sedan/Coupe/Convt. 135i Coupe/Convt.
2011 1M
2012 335is Coupe
2013 335is Coupe

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