Boost Monkey N51 N52 N53 N54 N55 Timing Tool Kit


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ApplicationsWhite Cam Locking Jig: N51/N52; Blue Cam Locking Jig:N53/N54; Red Cam Locking Jig: N55.Fit for a wide range of bmw...

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White Cam Locking Jig: N51/N52; Blue Cam Locking Jig:N53/N54; Red Cam Locking Jig: N55.

Fit for a wide range of bmw 2.5 & 3.0 chain drive, six cylinder, twin camshaft petrol engines.

Fit for n51/n52/n52k valvetronic and n53/n54/n55 direct injection engines.

Fit for locking camshaft in top dead center position when checking or correcting cam timing, replacing timing chain, replacing camshaft for n51/n52/n53/n54.

Engine Compatibility

E61/E63: 523i,525i,525xi,530i,530xi,535xi,630i

E64/E65: 630i,730i E66/E70: 730Li,X5 3.0Si

E81/E82: 130i,135is E93: 325i,328i,330i,335i

E83: X3 2.5i,2.5Si,3.0i,3.0Si

E85/E86: Z4 2.5i,2.5Si,3.0i,3.0Si,Z4 3.0Si

E87/E90: 130i,323i,325i,325xi,328i,328xi,330i,330xi,335i,335xi

E91: 323i,325i,325xi,328i,328xi,330i,330xi,335i,335xi

E92: 323i,325i,325xi,328i,328xi,330i,330xi,335i

Set Includes

Vanos alignment plate stdc locking pin cam alignment jig cam alignment jig 2 setting gauges.

For 2006 and newer vehicles Series 1, 3 , 5, and 6 Models, (N52) 3.0L (Non-Turbo), (N54) 3.0L Twin Turbo engines.

Equals to BMW tools #110300, #114280, #114290 and #118520.

Installation and removal of camshaft / variable camshaft timing unit.

Check and adjustment of timing.

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