Oil Diverter Valve for S54 Oil Filter Housing


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Lower oil temps on your Turbo Or Track Car.All the oil filter housings from the Euro S50 and S54 motors...

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Lower oil temps on your Turbo Or Track Car.

All the oil filter housings from the Euro S50 and S54 motors came from the factory with a thermostat installed in the oil filter housing. This design was intended for street cars so the engine oil could heat up quicker. However, this thermostat is restrictive and limits the oil flow to the cooler, even when fully opened. This causes overheating issues on Track and Turbo Cars a like.

The Boost Monkey Oil Thermostat delete valve is the perfect solution to this problem. The installation can be done in a few minutes once the oil filter housing is removed. The valve increases the flow of oil to your oil cooler, lowering oil temps. Please note if you drive your car on the street, adding an aftermarket thermostat is advised.

Our thermostat valve will only work on Euro-Spec E36 M3 (S50B30 / S50B32) Oil Filter housings as well as S54 Oil Filter housings.

Please not the E36 Eurospec filter housing is not the same oil filter housing that came on your USA spec M50/S50 engine.

The E36 M3 Eurospec Oil Filter housing is the the part as the S54 Oil Filter housing.

This kit works with:
E46 M3 | 2000 – 2006

Z3 M | 2001 - 2002 (With S54)

Z4 M | 2006 - 2008 (With S54)
E36 M3 (Euro / S50) | 1992 – 1999

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